Inspired Testing launches Elite 3E Automation Accelerator Solution

Johannesburg, 08 Nov 2022
Nadine du Toit, Chief Services and Innovation Officer at Inspired Testing.
Nadine du Toit, Chief Services and Innovation Officer at Inspired Testing.

Inspired Testing has just launched its Elite 3E Automation Accelerator Solution on Thomson Reuters Marketplace. Through their implementation and technology partnerships with Thomson Reuters, the specialist software testing company identified the need for a testing solution that allows legal firms to implement, migrate or upgrade to 3E version 2.9 legal software with increased speed and certainty.

The Automation Accelerator Solution finds defects as they appear through automated tests, without the need for specialised 3E testing skills within the organisation. This gives a cost-benefit from the get-go, along with the assurance that your Thomson Reuters Elite 3E legal software is functioning as it should long before it is exposed to business operation.

Inspired Testing offers a range of 3E Automation testing solutions, including the Automation Accelerator software as a service (SAAS), a full end to end 3E Customisation Enterprise Solution, and a continued test execution retainer.

“Inspired Testing has made it easy for business stakeholders to implement and migrate to Elite 3E software while providing continuous support and knowledge based on our experience in the testing solution market with Thomson Reuters,” says Chief Services and Innovation Officer Nadine du Toit. “Taking on a 3E project with scope for data migration and system integration testing on a commercial system is a formidable task. Inspired Testing showcased a 3E ready-to-test solution that takes the time to market implementation down to days instead of months, reducing your dependencies on teams as well as major project costs. We are excited to share with you our client stories and successes of using our 3E Testing solutions and scaled service options.”

Implement 3E with confidence

Law firms are often hampered by the risk associated with implementing new legal technology. A single mishap can have far-reaching consequences. Thomson Reuters Elite 3E touches every aspect of operation within a law firm, and those implementing it should be certain that it performs as it should. The 3E Automation Accelerator uses test automation to find defects as they appear during the installation and implementation of 3E. Backed by years of experience with 3E, Inspired Testing has developed more than 160 (and counting) test suites to check against every eventuality. Users of the 3E Automation Accelerator can be confident that their investment in 3E is working as it should be.

Savings from the get-go

Traditional installations of 3E require specialised test knowledge and expensive skills that not many companies have available in-house. The 3E Automation Accelerator removes the need for such costly expertise, instead providing a fit-for-purpose solution to ensure that your 3E investment delivers. It is built on a bespoke automation framework geared for the 3E testing environment with live test deployment and a reporting dashboard.

Inspired Testing’s Elite 3E Automation Accelerator Solution gives law firms the assurance that the daunting process of data migration and system integration with 3E runs smoothly with minimised business risk.


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