Inspired Testing champions female empowerment thanks to partnership with 4IR 4HER

Johannesburg, 25 May 2022
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Nadine du Toit, Chief Services and Innovation Officer at Inspired Testing.
Nadine du Toit, Chief Services and Innovation Officer at Inspired Testing.

Around the world, technology companies are working hard to close the gender gap. Less than 20% of jobs within the top 10 global tech companies are held by women and the numbers are significantly lower in management positions. 

The gender gap in South Africa is even wider. Statistics show that South African women are considerably underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at university level, which means the pool of female talent is substantially restricted compared to other parts of the world.

As a global software testing company with strong roots in South Africa, Inspired Testing understands the value that educated women bring not only to our business, but to their community and the wider country. That is why Inspired Testing partnered with 4IR 4HER, which stands for Fourth Industrial Revolution for Her, and donated a fantastic R123 000 to the organisation earlier this year.

4IR 4HER is an NPO chaired by Dynamic DNA’s managing director, Prudence Mabitsela, and relies almost entirely on corporate sponsorship and funding to help promote and develop grassroots skills and create employment opportunities for 5 000 underprivileged women in the domestic technology industry.

This is the second donation made by Inspired Testing. Last year’s donation of R137 000 was used to purchase essential laptops and tablets for 50 women. This year’s contribution will go towards supporting these women even further, by upskilling them through a three-month System Development Level 5 Skills programme, valued at R8 500 per learner.

“Our partnership with 4IR 4HER is an incredibly exciting but crucial one. Fostering desirable ICT skills capabilities among women in South Africa is something we are very passionate about, and we are exceptionally eager to advocate for the upskilling of even more women on the 4IR 4HER programme in the months and years to come. We cannot wait to see what the women who complete the skills programme go on to achieve,” said Nadine du Toit, Chief Services and Innovation Officer of Inspired Testing.

Once they complete the course in October 2022, the women will earn an internationally recognised Azure certificate, which will no doubt stand them in good stead for securing better employment within the technology sector. 

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