Affordable internet solutions for ISPs, MSPs, enterprises, individual users using MikroTik

Johannesburg, 27 Feb 2024
Combine LucidView’s solution suite with the MikroTik router for a robust security and internet management solution.
Combine LucidView’s solution suite with the MikroTik router for a robust security and internet management solution.

In a recent review of MikroTik routers and switches from real users in Peerspot, the users made a number of insightful comments. These included upsides, such as: "MikroTik offers full enterprise capabilities at a very reasonable price," and "MikroTik routers and switches are very reasonably priced and offer features comparable to those of other higher priced solutions." There were, however, also a number of downsides, such as: "I would like to have some additional [content] filtering options added in the future" and "If the reporting functionality of the solution is considered, I think it is not good."

In a time like this when small, medium and even large enterprises are squeezed between lean budgets and escalating security and network management challenges, Walmart’s original slogan: “Save money, live better” comes to mind. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could use an affordable product like MikroTik while being able to scale and enrich your network’s management and security?

By leveraging LucidView’s Cloud Solution suite, MikroTik network administrators can effectively control and monitor their networks, whether they are small or global in scale. LucidView provides MikroTik users with market leading capabilities, such as:

  • Content management provides a powerful content filter that allows any organisation to define their own “clean internet” policy, be it for business, children, etc.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS) effectively manages internet content and provides cyber security by reducing the ability of remote hackers to commit data theft or plant ransomware, spyware, keyloggers, perform DDOS attacks, etc.
  • Bandwidth management, which performs extremely sophisticated and effective saturation management/traffic shaping to keep the internet fast and responsive for critical tasks.
  • Insights, which provide an extensive and flexible number of reports and dashboards. It also has a powerful network traffic analysis tool for in-depth investigations, as LucidView believes: “You can’t manage what you can’t see."

Combining LucidView’s solution suite with your MikroTik router provides a robust security and internet management solution that is as versatile and scalable as its more expensive competitors at a very affordable price.

The solution is also entirely white-labelled and can be rebranded to reflect your organisation's identity, whether you are a large corporation or an ISP.

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