Four key pillars of successful digitisation

The phrase ‘digital transformation’ seems to be on every executive’s lips, but the term means different things to different people who might have limited understanding of how specific technologies can make such a transformation not only easier, but more effective.

Johannesburg, 24 Jul 2019
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In Bloomberg’s latest episode of ‘The Digital Age’ video series, Magic Orange explains how cost transparency can be used to save enterprises money that can then be injected into a digital transformation agenda.

As a reputable and recognised business news platform, Bloomberg – which reaches 41 million viewers around the globe monthly – has now launched a video series called ‘The Digital Age’, which aims to introduce those key technology players that will have a significant impact on digitisation in today’s business world.

The latest episode in this series has been undertaken in partnership with Magic Orange, a company whose unique cost transparency solution is seen as a highly progressive offering, one that can position enterprises perfectly to undertake a successful digital transformation approach.

“The thing about such a transformation process is that it opens up the possibility of exploiting cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IOT). However, making these work can be challenging, complex and costly, which is why mapping your digital journey requires both care and cost consideration,” says Blake Davidson, Head of Delivery at Magic Orange.

“More than its power to democratise the responsibility for costs and to empower people across the business to manage their costs on a broader basis, Magic Orange’s ability to deliver truly granular cost details is what makes it so crucial to digital transformation. Once the relevant people in the enterprise are able to understand what the costs are, where these are found in the value chain and what can be done to reduce or eliminate these, they are able to do something about them. This, in turn, should free up significant financial reserves that can then be invested in the larger digitisation journey,” concludes Davidson.

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