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Maredi Technologies helps organisations in the ICT sector to harness technological advancements, such as cloud computing and AI, to gain a competitive advantage.

Johannesburg, 16 Jul 2019
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SA’s ICT sector has created a host of new challenges and opportunities for organisations. In doing so, it has placed pressure on the ability of these organisations to effectively manage and respond to the transforming economy.

The emergence of new technology has changed the business ecosystem in unexpected ways. Technology has revolutionised businesses and outstripped the traditional approaches to achieving business effectiveness. As a result, the new high-tech business model requires companies to adopt strategic initiatives that are underpinned by cultivating a culture of innovation and proactive behaviour.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address at the inaugural Fourth Industrial Revolution SA: Digital Economy Summit on 5 July reiterated this reality as he highlighted the imminent technological impact of the fourth industrial revolution on SA's business landscape. Ramaphosa said: “We have set ourselves the task to pioneer new technologies and take quantum leaps towards the economies of the future, and to drastically improve our production levels.”

This means that how we do business today and in the future is set to change.

Maredi Technologies assists companies to respond to these seismic technological shifts by empowering them to build and sustain a competitive advantage through developing the right competencies. This way, they can anticipate and manage the degree to which technology can affect their business.

Maredi is committed to accelerating enterprise development in SA through the adoption of technology. The solutions and services it provides are as a result of the success it has enjoyed in the telecommunications sector. Its services are tailormade to suit each company's unique requirements and are based on collaborative strategies designed to maintain their corporate identity and their success trajectory.

Maredi uses a direct, interactive approach to harnessing the full potential of technology for each organisation it assists. It works closely with company staff to come up with innovative, adaptive and value-based solutions that support their unique objectives.

Technology comes with multidimensional changes that are designed to transform the way we live, work, do business and engage with our customers. Maredi equips organisations with the ability to use these technological advancements to achieve success in their particular sector.

It has a range of solutions on offer, covering various technological needs. The first solution enables organisations to leverage rapid technological change for enhanced business efficiency. The second solution, dealing with cloud computing and unified communications, is about increasing a company's flexibility, so that staff can work anywhere, on- and off-premises. Maredi also offers artificial intelligence solutions such as chatbots.

The company believes that business growth depends on the creation of an inclusive economy underpinned by efforts to bridge the digital divide. To this end, it addresses the needs of those in under-serviced rural areas. Here, Maredi rolls out end-to-end (e2e) ICT services and provides licensed and unlicensed LTE as well as WiFi services targeted at end-users or at devices to mitigate poor quality of service. Its eLTE solution is designed primarily for the mining, police, security, petroleum and logistics industries. Maredi is of the firm belief that inclusivity can revitalise our economy.

The company recognises that reducing unnecessary business costs is crucial for a business to grow exponentially. Take high phone bills, for instance: Maredi provides e2e VOIP solutions that help businesses reduce their telephone charges by 50% to 70%. Similarly, it can manage the challenge of high energy tariffs or municipal electricity cuts through its Office Power backup solution.

Maredi also offers solutions pertaining to network and Web security, hacking, spyware, firewalls and cypto VPN. It also provides infrastructure security, such as video surveillance, to help reduce vandalism and theft within companies.

Thus, Maredi Technologies helps organisations to lower the cost of doing business by giving them a technological makeover so they can stay ahead of the game.

Maredi Technologies can help set your organisation on a path of sustainable business success. Contact the company for a free assessment.

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