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Johannesburg, 03 Apr 2020
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The global COVID-19 crisis is forcing organisations to fast-track the shift to a remote workforce. With this shift comes the challenge of securing and managing users outside the corporate perimeter. To help reduce the burden during this time, Panda Security is offering qualified new customers a 90-day free trial of their solutions. To apply for the trial, register and attend Panda Security’s new Webinar series – Manage, protect & audit a remote workforce.

Panda Security’s free Webinar series will address key considerations:

Manage, protect & audit a remote workforce – 7 April 10am SAST

Jeremy Matthews will investigate how we can go beyond the traditional perimeter and protect and manage remote workers.

  • How the mobile workforce affects organisational security and management.
  • Understanding the new paradigm of security and management.
  • Using cloud technology to enable efficient management and security of the network.

Manage & audit a remote workforce – A practical guide – 15 April at 10am SAST

Our tech expert Matthew Stevens will take a deeper look into how the advanced technology can be applied to managing remote users and their devices.

  • Explore auditing, monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Develop queries to monitor user behaviour.
  • Focus on users’ application and network usage to ensure optimal working conditions.

“Today’s business environment calls for robust, cloud-based EDR (endpoint detection and response), RMM (remote monitoring and management) and patching solutions that enable visibility and control of the corporate network,” says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Panda Security Africa. “When you add remote workers into the mix, it opens the business up to increased cyber security risk, making visibility and control essential,” continues Matthews.

Having had to move hastily to ensure business continuity, given social distancing and lockdown imperatives, organisations may struggle to handle the complexities that come with a remote workforce.

They can improve their security posture and IT resilience by implementing these measures:

  • Protect all endpoints with an advanced EDR solution.
  • Ensure the connection between your endpoint and the corporate network is secured by means of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.
  • Implement a complex password policy and multi-factor authentication system (MFA) as an added security measure.
  • Institute effective firewall technology and policies to protect corporate assets given the extra traffic generated by a remote workforce.
  • Ensure business continuity by implementing a cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution enabling monitoring and maintenance of Teleworkers' devices.

Register now for the Webinar series to discover how you can protect and manage employees outside the office with Panda Security solutions – and apply for a 90-day trial free of charge.

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