iWay Africa partners with Panda Security to address cyber security in Kenya

Cape Town, 24 Jun 2019
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Global cyber security firm Panda Security and leading integrated communication solutions provider, iWay Africa Kenya, have formed a strategic cyber alliance to enable iWay Africa to offer a managed security service to clients using Panda’s next-generation EDR solution.

The rise of global cyber attacks presents a major risk for organisations around the world. The complexities of today’s cyber threat landscape can be difficult to navigate, particularly when there is a lack of knowledge around cyber security

iWay Africa Kenya’s Commercial Manager Dennis Wambugu says in this case, organisations are still relying on legacy pattern-based protection. Partnering with Panda Security allows iWay Africa to address specific needs of organisations in Kenya, expanding the cyber security discussion beyond the belief that traditional AV alone is enough to protect them from today’s advanced threats.

“What we have found in Kenya is an overall lack of knowledge around cyber security best practice,” says Wambugu. “Our partnership with Panda Security means that we can add value for our clients by delivering comprehensive cyber security solutions for our clients that includes advanced cyber security solutions as a managed service,” continues Wambugu.

Wambugu believes there are four key challenges to cyber security in his region:

  • Advanced cyber attacks
  • Cyber security knowledge
  • Insider attacks
  • Risky employee behaviour

Traditional endpoint protection is only effective in protecting against known malware. It is not capable of dealing with attacks where exploits, file-less malware and other advanced technologies are used. A solution such as Panda’s Adaptive Defence closes the detection gap and hardens protection to effectively stop ransomware, APTs and other sophisticated attack types. Adaptive Defence is an EDR class technology with a differentiated approach involving the monitoring and classification of all running processes to deliver a 100% attestation service that ensures only trusted applications can execute.

In addition to the ever-present risk of hacker attacks, Ransomware and other APTs, Kenyan organisations face the reality of targeted insider attacks. Kenya’s highly competitive business environment provides motive for cyber espionage. Commercial sabotage is a real risk as disaffected employees may take advantage of company resources for personal benefit. Without advanced protection models in place, companies have no way of effectively mitigating the risk of employees stealing and sharing business-critical data.

The general lack of knowledge surrounding cyber security technology and policies puts Kenyan organisations at risk. Employees are a key piece of the organisation’s cyber security strategy – education, policies and procedure indicating best practice are critical to securing the organisation.

“This partnership between Panda Security and iWay Africa will be important in protecting digital infrastructures and corporate networks in Kenya,” says Jeremy Matthews, Regional Manager of Panda Security Africa. “We are pleased to partner with iWay Africa – expanding our brand presence in East Africa and adding value to iWay Africa’s management service with Panda’s intelligent endpoint security technology and services,” continues Matthews.

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