TeamSA welcomes 1 000th user

Johannesburg, 02 Jul 2020
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TeamSA is a multi-tenanted SBC-as-a-Service platform hosted in Teraco’s Isando data centre. Its focus is on channelling voice traffic from Microsoft Teams users, and thus revenue, to ITSPs or service providers.

The session border controller (SBC) provides secure, authenticated direct routing between Microsoft and local ITSP breakout, and allows the service provider to use his own billing, interconnects and minutes.

Most service providers have the skillset to deploy similar infrastructure, but usually their engineering teams are tasked, and fully occupied, with keeping their infrastructure current or operational, rather than developing new platforms.

TeamSA can do it faster and cheaper, and as a bonus, it is based on a scalable per month costing model. A 14-day free, no obligation trial period to ITSPs to demonstrate the functionality is available.

Once the provider has selected the TeamSA platform, he can start adding TEAMS users and traffic to his billing within days.

The platform does not have any effect on voice call quality as the connectivity to the customer, Microsoft, and upstream providers remain entirely under the provider’s control.

Jean van der Hoven, Senior UC Engineer at Q-KON SA, responsible for implementation of the TeamSA platform, confirms: “The platform includes transcoding of all popular codecs including SILK and OPUS, and we guarantee a 99.9% uptime. We provide the SBC, monitoring and engineering support, while our customers provide the rest of the solution. 

There are similar platforms available on the market, but on those platforms the minutes are part of the offering, which is not ideal for a provider trying to promote his own services."

Costing is based on a fixed amount per ITSP per month with various SIP trunk capacity options available for use to the end-customers.

Tjaart de Wet, Managing Director at Q-KON SA, explains: “I think the platform’s success is due to the straightforward and transparent costing model. Although our main focus has been importing and distributing UC products for more than 15 years, we were able to use our product and engineering expertise to address this requirement highlighted by our customers, and executing it in an elegant way that supports their business.

“We are very fortunate and thankful for the support from our service provider-customers that ensured this tremendous uptake of 1 000 users in just two months. We are optimistic that TeamSA will support their efforts in risk management by adding a new customer base," De Wet adds.

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