Nigerians living in SA can now verify their Remitano accounts using their Nigerian documents

Johannesburg, 05 Feb 2021
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The Remitano ecosystem is a community built on trust; this is why every Remitano user must complete their KYC to gain full access to the entire features of Remitano.

Over time, we realised that a lot of our Nigerian users who have migrated and now live in South Africa are finding it difficult to verify their accounts due to the lack of proper South African documents. As a result of our pledge on continuous improvement, we are now allowing Nigerian traders in South Africa to verify their Remitano accounts using their Nigerian identification documents.

South Africa-based Nigerians can now use their Nigerian government-issued national identity card, driver’s licence, international passport or voter's card to verify their Remitano account, despite no longer living in Nigeria.

This is part of Remitano’s effort in a bid to enhance borderless access to financial and crypto-currency services. Remitano strives to make crypto-currency trading easy for its users regardless of nationality and location.

What exactly is KYC and why do you need to complete it?

KYC is an acronym for “Know Your Customer”. It is a means for Remitano to verify its users by requesting and verifying their personal details.

There are five levels of KYC in order to enjoy the highest trading experience on Remitano. The level of KYC you complete will determine your daily deposit and withdrawal limits.

Level one verification requires phone number verification only. This allows users to buy up to $1 000 worth of crypto-currency. However, you would not have access to your Remitano fiat wallet.

Level two verification involves document verification. It involves the confirmation of your identity by providing your government-issued ID card. This will help Remitano verify the personal details and address you provided during registration. Level two users can buy crypto-currencies worth $100 000 per day with a daily withdrawal limit of $1 000.

Level three verification requires your bank verification. You need to verify your bank detail to make fiat deposits and withdrawals. Level three increases your buying limit to $200 000 per day and withdrawal limit to $2 500 per day.

Level four and five KYC are for long-term traders, and you will need to complete the first three levels. Learn how to complete level 4 and 5 KYC.

The acceptance of KYC (Know Your Customer) has made Remitano one of the most secured peer-to-peer crypto exchange platforms as it has recorded no scam attempts.

The KYC has been used to filter out users with bad intentions and ulterior motives. Traders and investors on Remitano carry out their activities without the fear of being scammed and ripped off their hard-earned money.

Complete your KYC now and begin to buy bitcoin in South Africa on Remitano!