Agent experience: Turn your agent into a brand ambassador

Taking time to understand what agents want to keep them happy and make their lives easier will result in a great customer experience.

Johannesburg, 07 Jun 2019
Read time 2min 50sec

It is time to acknowledge that our agents’ experience matters just as much as our customers’ happiness. Focusing on agent satisfaction makes sound business sense for any industry. Try to avoid a mechanical attitude; instead, replace it with a team of individuals who are motivated to give the best customer experience to your clients. You need your agents to become brand ambassadors: people who will represent your brand in a positive light and, in doing so, help to increase brand awareness and sales.

1. Listen and pay attention to your agent needs

To avoid a mechanical attitude, you need to stop treating agents like machines. Pay attention to their human needs and to areas that require improvement in your contact centre. Managers play a huge role in this area. So, you need managers who are leaders and not commanders; managers who demonstrate that they understand the demands of the job and, in turn, inspire the agents to connect with their roles.

Set clear goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based). When agents have clear instructions, which make sense and are achievable, it makes a huge difference.

2. Create a pleasant environment

It may sound silly, but a cheerful office or work space encourages and stimulates the mind. Take a look at your surroundings: Do your employees have ample space to work in? Is the room temperature controlled? Do they have water and coffee facilities close by? Are they working at a good rate and not being rushed and watched like slaves? Are they free to voice their opinions in a respectful manner?

3. Back it up with great technology

Outsourced contact centre technology can be the biggest component for your agent experience. Finding the right software for your organisation is of paramount importance. Features like IVR, automations, integration, AI and skills routing assist the agents when it comes to time and effort.

Integration allows for a complete view of solutions in a single screen, without switching between applications. This optimises the agent’s time and makes work so much easier. Connect agents to third parties and knowledge bases to solve user or product queries. Introducing omni-channel technology can be your biggest winner. This promotes easy switching of customer enquiries across different channels.

4. Place them where they are most valuable

By using the omni-channel technology, you can place your agent in a queue that they are best at. One may be more confident on e-mail rather than on a voice call, so place them in the e-mail queue, and vice versa. This way, you promote the agents' strengths over anything else, putting them more at ease.

We need to shift our focus from being predominantly consumer-oriented to being a little more diverse by also delivering exceptional agent experience. Take the time to understand and realise what agents want to keep them happy and make their lives easier in the contact centre, as this will evolve into a great customer experience.