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Johannesburg, 06 Feb 2020
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The top goal of any call centre is to keep its operation at peak performance. In today’s market, so many variables need to be taken into consideration when setting up the best strategy for your call centre. The evolving customer needs for good quality service and efficiency play a major role in this consideration, while balancing the resources at hand.

Quality management is not new to call centres, but the needs around it have taken a shift and many are falling short on this point. Call centre analytics solutions then come into play to fill the gap by offering monitoring and reporting tools on calls that allow performance to be reviewed from every angle.

Call centre analytics software can be defined as solutions that seize and monitor call data for all traffic that goes through the call centre. The call is recorded, transcribed, scored and reported on. Speech recognition falls under this category as a tool used to gain a deeper understanding of the caller’s emotions, ie, frustration points.

With this small but essential add-on to your call centre strategy, you can be guaranteed to see positive change that ranges from improved service, identification of trends and increased productivity.

The business needs to ask itself the following questions:

  • How is the call centre performing?
  • Is it improving over time?
  • How are the individual staff performing?
  • Are they improving over time?
  • Who needs assistance?
  • In what areas do they need assistance?

If you cannot comfortably answer any of the questions above, then it might be time to seriously consider implementing an analytics solution that can drive your call centre’s performance. At ScopServ Integrated Services, we offer solutions that allow your business objectives to be met. We help you achieve automated call centre quality assurance, improved process efficiency and ensure compliance.

We have spent time and effort to perfect our key considerations when it comes to data and speech analytics; this includes but is not limited to automated transcription, variation of local accents, accuracy sufficient to enable text mining evaluation and text mining algorithm.

The reports that can be generated from the QA dashboard are quite extensive and are able to give the call centre managers an in-depth analysis of agent performance. Performance can be evaluated by agent, by campaign and by time, and you will be able to identify top or poorly performing staff.

At ScopServ, we provide more than just software; we make sure we offer a turnkey solution that creates a tangible difference in your call centre. We have a world-class team for training language, we share additional vernacular roadmaps, we offer both on-premises and cloud services and so much more.

The introduction of such advanced call centre analytics and intelligence software has brought about a new type of service for customers. With the new and ever-changing customer expectations, there is no reason why any call centre would not want to include analytics in its strategy. The end result of a well-managed call centre analytics strategy is that your customers are serviced efficiently and there is proactive review and training on agent performance.

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