SGT Solutions mobile healthcare service using satellites

Johannesburg, 29 Mar 2022
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SGT Solutions has developed a mobile satellite application for the healthcare sector using a drive-away motorised auto-acquire satellite system for reliable and immediate connectivity. This unique solution expands the reach of healthcare into areas that are not easily accessible and are distant from healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners, etc. “The solution aims to deliver healthcare equity to the communities where there is very low doctor to patient ratio,” notes Suraj Ramlall, GM, SGT Solutions.

The solution of choice was the C-COM iNetVu 1200 – Drive-away antenna systems, which is 1.2m vehicle-mounted auto-acquire satellite drive-away antenna, capable of handling critical bandwidth using satellite communications. The iNetVu antenna system is an industry-leading product with very fast satellite acquisition (a few minutes), making connectivity to a satellite a quick and easy process. The system works seamlessly with the iNetVu 7000C controller, which is ideal for applications that require a quick, simple set-up and reliable connection. Using the vehicle battery, the iNetVu controller features optimal high-precision antenna positioning, simple front panel configuration and a one-touch button operation to acquire satellite connectivity and to stow the antenna.

This solution is complemented with the leading-edge satellite modem, which combines high-performance mobility features. The satellite modem can deliver throughput of over 250Mbps. Its features provide service providers high-end scalability and the ability to add more inbound capabilities, thus avoiding costly site visits or remote swap-outs. The satellite modem features a dual GigE ethernet port, which is compatible with a variety of ODU configurations. The modem’s ease of installation allows service providers to deploy their services quickly and cost-effectively.

Indran Pillai: Business Unit Head and Edris Tshosabanne: Support Engineer, SGT Solutions.
Indran Pillai: Business Unit Head and Edris Tshosabanne: Support Engineer, SGT Solutions.

SGT Solutions is a South African solutions integrator specialising in the design, supply, deployment, commissioning and maintenance of multi-technology telecommunication systems for mobile broadband and converged solutions, through partnerships with their customers and technology providers. They ensure a value-added customer experience by offering solutions that yield tangible benefits and differentiation to their customers. SGT Solutions has been in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years and has a longstanding reputation for delivery and innovation.

The core competencies of SGT Solutions are founded on its strong technology base and systems integration capabilities. This strength enables them to develop internationally competitive products, provide world-class partnerships and add value through customisation, integration and technical support. 

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