Software AG announces major advance in self-service analytics for IOT

Darmstadt, Germany, 09 Apr 2019
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* 'Self-service' analytics that can monitor and respond to IOT data in real-time now available to engineers and other domain experts working, without needing to write any code.
* Operators can design, implement, update and manage their streaming analytics 'on the fly' as the situation demands.
* Processing of machine data and events to recognise patterns, relationships and errors can be modified in real-time, without involving IT or coders.
* Complements Software AG's time series-based self-service visualisation tool, TrendMiner.
* The promise of rapid development of analytics given by software as a service can now be fully realised.

Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX: SOW) today announced the availability of Apama Analytics Builder to radically reduce the time it takes to design, develop and deploy analytics for Internet of things (IOT) applications.

Analytics Builder gives engineers and other domain experts working on the IOT Edge a Web-based capability to develop analytic applications on streamed data, test them with simulated or live data, and deploy them immediately with a single click for the real-time processing of machine data and events.

"Analytics Builder delivers on our strategic vision for self-service analytics and removes the typical bottlenecks hindering the rapid development and deployment of streaming analytic applications," said Dr Stefan Sigg, Chief Product Officer of Software AG.

"By allowing operators and domain experts to directly develop their own analytic applications, we are taking a huge amount of pressure off the IT department and empowering decentralised teams to accelerate their delivery schedules. Also, bringing operational expertise directly to application development significantly reduces the risk of misunderstandings and enables operators to immediately address unexpected events and situations."

Apama Analytics Builder is a product of Software AG's unique, industry-led approach to IOT development. The market requirement was identified by D"urr, a member of the manufacturing industry joint venture consortium ADAMOS, developed by Software AG and D"urr, rolled out over the ADAMOS IOT platform, and is already in production with end-customers, all in a matter of less than 12 months.

Nico Koch, Manager Digital Factory at D"urr, said: "I can really feel the enthusiasm of the customers when we are presenting this product. With Analytics Builder, we will push forward the digitalisation on the shop floor tremendously. We have put extremely powerful analytical tools into the hands of those that understand the production process the best opening a new era of streamlining and improvement."

Apama Analytics Builder has a graphical user interface for non-coders to take advantage of streaming analytics. It allows operators to quickly build and deploy analytical models using a comprehensive library of pre-built analytic blocks. With a drag-and-drop, free-form, Web-based editor and the capability to manage deployment and simulation, real-time analytical applications can be developed when and where needed. Analytics Builder models can also be easily exported for use throughout the organisation.

Already available on the ADAMOS IOT platform and in production, Apama Analytics Builder will have general availability in April 2019 through Software AG's Cumulocity IoT Edge. A preliminary version is available at Software AG's booth at Hannover Fair, which started on 1 April.

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