SonicWall Boundless Cybersecurity platform swiftly providing remote workforces with secure mobile access, defence in ‘new business norm’

Milpitas, Calif., 15 Apr 2020
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  • SonicWall platform defends remote, mobile workforces against sophisticated cyber attacks, provides increased visibility, control in hyper-distributed IT era.
  • SonicWall reports record quarter-to-date growth for secure mobile, remote access, VPN solutions.
  • Channel partners respond to growing security demand; over 1 000 transacting partners join 21 000-plus SecureFirst partners worldwide in last quarter.

SonicWall today announced a modern Boundless Cybersecurity model designed to protect and mobilise organisations, large enterprises, government agencies and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) operating in a ‘new business normal.’

“What we are seeing is a heroic undertaking by organisations to quickly and efficiently provide security for an unexpected rise in a remote, mobile workforce that will permanently change the way they operate,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “We are now living in the new business normal.”

SonicWall’s Boundless Cybersecurity approach helps solve the cyber security business gap as workers prove to be less secure when working from home, leaving companies more exposed than ever. The platform delivers seamless protection that stops the most evasive cyber attacks across endless exposure points and increasingly remote, mobile and cloud-enabled workforces.

“This profound business change will result in increased pressure to execute and deliver proactive, data-centric security protection that is always on, always learning and applies new methods of protection against today’s most pervasive cyber attacks,” said Conner.

New Boundless Cybersecurity model complements, accelerates company’s record performance

IT departments are moving swiftly to operationalise in the new business normal while defending against threats across a range of attack vectors, including networks, e-mail, mobile and remote access, cloud, SaaS applications, endpoints, IOT devices and WiFi. SonicWall has seen record growth in secure mobile access (SMA) hardware (+342%), SMA virtual appliances (+451%) and pooled licences (+1,006%).

“We have had a record number of inbound requests from verticals that range across the board, including enterprise, governments, K-12, higher education and healthcare,” said SonicWall Chief Revenue Officer Bob VanKirk. “We are operating within a ‘new normal’ at SonicWall, with increased sales efficiency and sales effectiveness, as are our partners. Results are also showing organisations and end-users are embracing this model as well.”

As organisations work closer than ever with their security providers, the SonicWall SecureFirst partner program has seen an influx of 1 100 new additions since February 2020, bringing its total to more than 21 500 globally. SonicWall further helped enable partners, customers and prospects with a timely webinar: “How to Stay Operational During an Outbreak,” which had record attendance across the globe.

Solving the cyber security business gap

The current threat landscape is dramatically escalating risk, making the cost of conventional security prohibitive and the shortage of trained personnel more acute. Constrained budget and staffing resources can’t keep up, creating a growing ‘cyber security business gap’ that is unbridgeable with conventional security approaches and resources.

“We have been working closely with governments in sensitive areas as they go remote with the need for secure remote access by the thousands,” said Conner. “Just like other organisations, they are asking themselves how best to protect the integrity of their operations when nearly 100% of their workforce is remote and mobile. This paradigm creates a growing ‘cyber security business gap’ where conventional security approaches and resources no longer make the cut.”

Securing growing ‘Boundless’ workforces

As the global workforce shifts to work-from-home deployments, organisations are operationalising a much larger group of remote users than ever imagined, making virtual private networks (VPNs) more critical than ever before. In fact, SonicWall has seen a 1,766% increase in VPN-SSL customers quarter-to-date.

SonicWall addresses this new challenge with the scalability and flexibility of its SMA series, which has experienced a 2,348% increase of user licences since February 2020, and adds both security and performance characteristics in its latest release.

In the latest product release, SonicWall announces it has increased SMA 100 series capacity to support hundreds of concurrent remote users. Enterprises and MSSPs can scale upward of hundreds of thousands of users with the proven SMA 1000 series.

Dynamic and short-term spike licensing options address any unforeseen events and disaster scenarios. SMA also enables users to leverage the economic and operational advantages of cloud platforms by launching their own virtual instances in private clouds based on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V, or in AWS or Microsoft Azure public cloud environments.

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SonicWall delivers Boundless Cybersecurity for the hyper-distributed era in a work reality where everyone is remote, mobile and unsecure. SonicWall safeguards organizations mobilizing for their new business normal with seamless protection that stops the most evasive cyberattacks across boundless exposure points and increasingly remote, mobile and cloud-enabled workforces. By knowing the unknown, providing real-time visibility and enabling breakthrough economics, SonicWall closes the cybersecurity business gap for enterprises, governments and SMBs worldwide. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.