Sybrin’s Passive Liveness Detection SDK is built to conform to FIDO Alliance’s biometrics standards, ISO 30107-1, ISO 30107-3

Fime successfully tests Sybrin’s Liveness Detection solution on level A and B attacks

Johannesburg, 05 Jul 2021
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Sybrin today announced the issuance of the official evaluation report by Fime confirming that the Sybrin Passive Liveness Detection SDK was successfully audited on both level A and level B attacks.

The FIDO accredited biometric laboratory FIME tested the SDK against criteria based on FIDO Biometric Certification Requirements v1.1 (FIDO1.1) and in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-1 and ISO/IEC 30107-3:2017.

The FIDO Biometric Certification Requirements launched by the FIDO Alliance are there to ensure that biometric subcomponents meet globally recognised performance standards for biometric recognition performance and Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) and are fit for commercial use.

ISO 30107 for PAD is the international standard for presentation attack detection. It establishes a framework through which presentation attack events can be specified and detected so that they can be categorised, detailed and communicated for subsequent decision-making and performance assessment activities.

Testing was conducted using smartphones on which Sybrin’s Liveness Detection Showcase application was assessed, the application directly assesses spoof detection. The test method involved 12 subjects, six level A and four level B recipes, which enabled the design of 120 presentation attack instruments (PAI). Each PAI was tested against the product five times, in outside conditions leading to 600 presentation attacks. It also included testing against gender bias and racial bias for Asian, African and European ethnicities.

“With the increased need for remote biometric verification prevalent in the market, we felt that FIME's commitment to ensuring the compliance and conformance of biometric solutions to the required standards was in line with our desire to provide a leading product fit for commercial use in any industry," says Sybrin’s Salvatore Errera, Business Unit Head – Innovations & Product Management.

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