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Brand love story 2020

Johannesburg, 02 Jul 2020
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A crisis can bring out the best in people. And in companies too. We’re currently working through exceptional times. The first few months of 2020 flipped the economic market on its head, leading to a historic global recession. It’s going to be tough. But it’s also going to be an opportunity. A chance to rethink your company, and your positioning. To tell a different brand story – a story of love.

Brand love is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you could use to continue your growth during an economic downturn. Positioning yourself as a product that consumers don’t just want, but one that they emotionally connect with. In times of boom, brand love is a nice thing to have. It makes your money work harder and encourages consumers to spend more. In a recession, when every dollar counts, it’ll mean the difference between a consumer spending with you, or going elsewhere.

In this report, we look at the world’s most loved brands, as they were before the crisis hit, to see how you can replicate their methods for brand love success, and how that will help your business survive in the coming months and years. Brand love is the perfect panacea against the pandemic consequences. If you’re uncertain what the future will bring, you’ll love this…