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Divblox makes it easier and faster to build Web and mobile applications.

Johannesburg, 30 Jul 2019
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Stratusolve has launched a full stack Web and mobile app development framework called Divblox, which makes it easier and faster to build Web and mobile applications.

Stratusolve is a software company based in Centurion, which specialises in creating innovative, cloud-based software solutions.

Its Divblox framework has a Web-first approach. This means users will also create their Web app first using languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

This code can then be exported as a native iOS or Android app, which can be uploaded to the Google Play store or Apple’s App store.

The result is a Web app and Android and iOS mobile applications with single code base, which covers all aspects of a solution.

Launch mobile apps quicker

A big benefit of Divblox is its user-friendliness. Anyone – from analysts to hard core developers – can collaborate to create great applications. Because Divblox automatically deals with many tedious items that slow down the development process, companies can go to market three to five times faster.

Here are a few things which Divblox does to make mobile app development easier:

* Creates and manages all database connections and complex queries.

* Manages application security with user role-based access control.

* Automatically audits the entire solution.

* Leverages the power of re-usable components.

For more information, visit the Divblox Web site here, or contact Stratusolve here.

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