TrueNorth Group launches Prosum: AI-driven profit optimisation solutions

TrueNorth Group launches Prosum, revolutionising business success with AI-driven profit optimisation solutions for rapid growth.

Johannesburg, 08 Jun 2023

TrueNorth Group, which positions itself as a leader in digital enablement solutions, proudly announces the launch of its newest subsidiary, Prosum. Prosum, derived from the Latin word meaning profit or gain, offers a groundbreaking suite of AI-driven optimisation solutions, empowering companies to achieve exponential growth across all aspects of their business.

"After 15 years of digitally enabling companies, TNG has leveraged experience in cloud infrastructure to prime organisations across industries for the implementation of AI solutions and exponential growth," stated Hennie Fouché, Managing Director of TrueNorth Group.

While TrueNorth Group has long provided advanced data and AI solutions, Prosum takes these offerings to new heights by packaging them as ready-to-implement turnkey products. This approach ensures that companies experience immediate value while maintaining the flexibility for tailored adjustments.

Prosum's key offerings include accelerated intelligence through its proprietary Universal Data Model (UDM), which integrates data across business units to establish a comprehensive analytics and reporting environment. The UDM links seamlessly to existing ERP systems, including Microsoft D365 Business Central, Microsoft D365 Finance & Operations, SAP, Syspro and many more. Leveraging a predefined framework for data modelling, clients can quickly access actionable insights and standard reports on critical business activities, including financial performance, sales and operational activities.

Additionally, Prosum provides clients with competitive insights through its Research Repository. This repository encompasses metrics and insights from thousands of comparative entities across various industries and vast macroeconomic data points for benchmarking. By integrating this data with their business data, clients gain swift insights that drive actionable decision-making, identifying opportunities for improvement in areas such as efficiency, profitability and resilience.

A game-changing solution within Prosum’s portfolio is the Profit Optimization Ecosystem, designed to drive revenue growth through AI-driven pricing, promotion decisions and inventory management. This ecosystem equips companies with a blueprint to implement pricing and promotion strategies that deliver a measurable impact on margin and cost optimisation. Leveraging Prosum's status as a subsidiary of TrueNorth Group, a longstanding Microsoft Solutions Partner, the platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft solutions, including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks. This integration allows for the application of state-of-the-art algorithms and a comprehensive, integrated design, saving valuable time and effort.

TrueNorth Group CEO, Hardus Odendaal, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: "This has been an exciting journey to offer our clients solutions that are not only fast to implement but also deliver immense value. Our solutions have already been embraced by our existing clients and we are witnessing remarkable results."

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