Winjit brings its next-generation AI platform adept at meeting all business needs of today’s AI fuelled organisations

Winjit showcased its AI platform, which covers a range of solutions for emerging technologies, at AfricaCom in CTICC, South Africa from 12-14 November 2019.

Cape Town, 18 Nov 2019
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Winjit recently showcased its AI platform, which covers a range of solutions for emerging technologies, at AfricaCom, which was held at Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa from 12-14 November 2019.

This includes its products PredictSense – automated machine learning platform; IoTSense – full-scale IOT platform; and VisionSense – advance computer vision, RPA, smart OCR and WhatsApp chatbot solutions.

Winjit has successfully built solutions for varied industries with an AI-first approach incorporating the best of today’s emerging tech. Over more than 10 years, it has displayed its expertise in congregating IOT, computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing into its solutions. A few of the notable implementations include smart surveillance, forecast and demand planning, security management tool, automated modelling for actuary in captive insurance, advanced analytics and machine vision aided quality processes.

The flagship product ‘PredictSense’ from Winjit has been a revolutionary solution, enriching numerous businesses. PredictSense, with its high-power algorithms, has helped organisations reduce their operational time and improve decision-making. Winjit has successfully aided businesses in making a shift from traditional to a smarter technology with IoTSense and VisionSense.

Solutions like RPA, Smart OCR, and Whatsapp chatbot have helped organisations with their efforts in scaling their solutions and increasing efficiencies with improved data accuracy and reducing costs by automating processing. The chatbot has enabled businesses to communicate efficiently with their customers by delivering end-to-end encrypted messages in real-time.

Winjit has been acknowledged as one of the top 10 emerging AI platform companies by the CIO Insider magazine. Winjit’s AI capabilities have enabled organisations to build and deploy solutions on the edge in a supervised and unsupervised environment. Adding to this, Winjit has also been honoured with two awards for being the Most Innovative MSE and the most Tech Savvy MSE by SIDBI and The Economic Times India MSE Awards, 2019.

Commenting on the participation in this event, Stu Chalmers, Business Development Manager of Winjit, said: “AfricaCom was the right place for connecting with thought leaders from across the AI, fintech and IOT industries. This was the right platform to showcase our products and solutions in the ever-evolving industrial landscape of Africa.”