XContent's response to Covid-19

The company is offering customers one of its flagship products, XC|Frontier, at cost price for the next six months to encourage remote working.

Johannesburg, 17 Mar 2020
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Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to all South Africans on 15 March, and his exhortation to them to do their part in trying to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, XContent has decided to offer both existing and new customers one of its flagship products at cost price for the next six months.

XC|Frontier has been designed in such a way that it encourages remote working while minimising disruption and increasing security and productivity. This is also accomplished with a very low data usage footprint by the user device receiving screen updates, and it is compatible on any Windows device, mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

“Given the address to the nation last night, and the very real situation that our country and the world finds itself in currently, we feel that we need to be doing our part to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. The health of our customers, friends and the nation as a whole is incredibly important to us as a business, and so we have chosen to heed the call of the president and try to do what we can to assist,” said MD of XContent Danie de Lange.

“For us, that means encouraging remote working (working from home) where possible, and leveraging our cloud-based offerings and providing the tools to be able to do this. While we wish we could provide it for free to everyone, that is just not possible. However, we have chosen to keep the cost per user to our actual cost per user for a period of six months from today.”

XC|Frontier allows users access to work with the Microsoft Office Suite and the agility of cloud to provide a unique and innovative approach to remote application deployment combined with centralised support. The reduced cost for the next six months means that the cost per user will be just R69.00 excluding VAT.

For more information on how you can access this special offer, you can contact the team at XContent via the contact details on the company's Web site.

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