George W Bush
May 10, 2018

Citrix Synergy: Condoleezza Rice philosophises on tech neutrality

The former US secretary of state shares insights on the influence of technology on lives on a day-to-day basis.


Appeals court upholds gag on FBI data surveillance

A US federal appeals court upholds non-disclosure rules allowing the FBI to secretly issue surveillance orders for customer data.

Jun 27, 2016

YouTube, Facebook quietly move toward automatic blocking of extremist videos

Some of the Web's biggest destinations for watching videos have started using automation technology to remove extremist videos from their sites.

Apr 15, 2016

MS lawsuit relies on speech, privacy rights

Microsoft's lawsuit challenges indefinite government secrecy orders as a violation of the company's First Amendment free speech rights.

Nov 18, 2015

Becoming a futurist for your organisation

Anyone can become a flag watcher and aid their organisation in identifying crippling risks.

Sep 16, 2015

Twitter plays greater campaign finance role

Twitter ups its role in the 2016 US presidential race by enabling campaigns to gather online donations via tweets.

May 26, 2015

Binney: the NSA is destroying democracy

The US agency is destroying democracy because it is collecting data on everyone in the world, says its former analyst, William Binney.

Apr 29, 2015

Whistle-blower to keynote ITWeb Security Summit

Former director of the National Security Agency, Bill Binney, will speak at the summit in Johannesburg next month.

Apr 2, 2015

US programme targets overseas hackers

The sanctions plan aims to reduce cyber threats to US national security and economic stability.

Mar 10, 2015

Houston Airport System delivers free WiFi

Two airports are delivering fast, reliable Gigabit?WiFi services to more than 50 million?passengers with Aruba Networks infrastructure.

Apr 30, 2014

US govt reviews online privacy protection

The White House treads carefully on online privacy protection to avoid antagonising major tech companies and international allies.

Dec 5, 2013

Obama 'not allowed' iPhone

"Security reasons" prevent US president Barack Obama using an iPhone, though he does use an iPad.