Internet of things

SAP Africa Code Week exceeds target, trains 2.3m

The skills development initiative empowered millions of youth with basic coding skills, almost doubling the previous year's achievement.


How Microsoft SA's new boss will steer ship

New Microsoft SA MD Lillian Barnard sees emerging tech driving the company forward, while her predecessor Zoaib Hoosen reflects on his pivotal role.


IOT protection needs intervention, quick action

Businesses are turning to governments for better guidelines on IOT security and clarification on who is responsible for protecting IOT, says Gemalto.


Create a cyber security culture

Businesses looking to properly safeguard their IT environments must ensure their staff know what the risks are and how to prevent them, says Simeon Tassev, MD of Galix Networking.


ANC promises to bolster tech innovation

The ruling party outlines steps to advance SA's innovation, and promises to create a legal and regulatory framework for the promotion of innovation.


What does your IOT look like?

Everyone is talking about the Internet of things (IOT) and the business benefits it brings across all sectors, but sometimes the channel needs a little help demonstrating to their end-customer just how IOT-enabled devices will fit into their workflow.


The customer's journey to the cloud

One of the most appealing things for any business when it comes to the cloud is the return on investment on offer, says Karl Reed, chief solutions officer at Elingo.


Accenture makes multiple buys

The company acquired Adaptly, Enaxis Consulting and Knowledgent.

11 Jan

Vox, Netstream, SADV partner on FTTH

Vox has announced a partnership with Netstream and SA Digital Villages to broaden its fibre-to-the-home reach.

9 Jan

5G dominates 2019 mobile predictions

This year will see the commercialisation of 5G, with telecoms services planned in the US, South Korea, Japan and China, among others.

9 Jan

Data proliferation, pricing struggles and potential

All customers want the same thing from communications providers: more for the same price, says Byron Clatterbuck, CEO at SEACOM.

8 Jan

Kaspersky Lab discovers connected electric car charger vulnerabilities

Researchers at the company found EV chargers supplied by a major vendor carried vulnerabilities that could be exploited by threat actors.