Key Findings

The survey ran online for two weeks during December and asked, among other things:

1. Who is the leading provider of WiFi and fibre connectivity for businesses?
2. Who do you consider to be a total workspace solutions provider?
3. Who is a trusted provider of PCs and laptops, including support and maintenance?

A total of 177 responses was captured, with 65% of respondents being at executive or middle management level, and working in a range of industries, with half (50%) working in the IT industry.

Here are some of the key findings:

1. When thinking of the ICT service providers that operate in the business to business (B2B) market in South Africa, the companies or brands that come to mind first are BCX and Dimension Data, with an equal number of mentions, then Nashua and Altron/Bytes, then finally Datacentrix.

2. The leading provider of WiFi connectivity for businesses emerged as Vodacom, with 26 mentions, heading this list, followed by Vox (19 mentions), MTN (17), Telkom (13) and Afrihost (6)

3. The leading provider of fibre connectivity for businesses was Vox (18 mentions), Vodacom and Telkom, with 16 mentions each, followed by Vumatel (13 mentions) and MTN (7).

4. The provider that offers the best quality voice and telephony experience in the industry is Vodacom, with 28 mentions, then Telkom with 22 mentions, Vox (16) and MTN (10).

5. The leader in managed document solutions is Bytes/Altron with 15 mentions, Metrofile and Nashua received 13 mentions each, Microsoft/MS Office/MS SharePoint (12), Xerox (8) and Ricoh (7).

6. The trusted provider of PCs and laptops, including support and maintenance, is regarded by survey respondents as Dell – 34 mentions – then HP with 24 mentions. They’re followed by Lenovo (10), Matrix Warehouse (5) and Rectron (4).

7. The go-to provider of workspace accessories and consumable is Waltons, with 15 mentions, closely followed by Nashua with 14 mentions and Tarsus with 11 mentions. Lagging behind are Office Gear and Incredible Connection, with 5 mentions each.

8. Parrot is regarded as the top supplier of interactive whiteboard solutions, with 25 mentions, followed by Nashua with 11 mentions, Eduboard (5), Microsoft (4) and Waltons (4).

9. When it comes to the provider of the best quality access control and surveillance solutions, Hikvision is regarded as the leader, with 13 mentions, then Nashua with 11 mentions, HID (4) and Borg Telecoms (3).

10. The businesses considered by respondents to be experts in solar energy solutions are Solar Power Experts and Sunworx, with 5 mentions each, then Exsolar, Sinetech and IBC Solar (4 mentions apiece).

11. Nashua is unequivocally considered to be the leader in print and managed print solutions, with 22 mentions, followed by HP and Xerox with 12 mentions each, then Ricoh (10) and Konica Minolta and Kyocera with 5 mentions each.

12. The provider that respondents consider to be a total workspace provider is Nashua, followed by BCX, Dimension Data, Microsoft and Tarsus.

13. Respondents were asked which service providers they consider to be able to offer all of the above-mentioned solutions and services. 59% of respondents chose BCX, then came Dimension Data (53%), Datacentrix (42%), Vox (40%) and Vodacom Business (40%). EOH came in at 39% and Nashua at 36%.