Key Findings

ITWeb, in partnership with AWS, conducted a Cloud Survey to examine the challenges and opportunities that go hand-in-hand with cloud adoption, as well as the factors that determine the failure or success of a cloud implementation.

The survey ran online for two weeks during August 2020 and asked, among other things:

  1. How many cloud providers are you using?
  2. What factors hinder organisations from meeting key objectives through the adoption of cloud technologies?
  3. What key business objectives can be addressed through cloud technology?

A total of 248 responses were captured, with 32% of respondents being at executive or middle management level, and working in a range of industries.

Below are the highlights of the findings.

  1. Hybrid cloud is by far the most popular approach.
  2. 54% of the overall sample and 51% of public sector respondents are already using cloud in production. 
  3. Database and analytics (71%), security and networking(69%) and computing and containers (64%) are the services most commonly used.
  4. Integration with existing systems is the top factor that hinders cloud adoption – cited by 47% of the respondents.
  5. 86% expect cloud to help improve business process efficiencies.
  6. 84% believe cloud will enable innovation.
  7. 79% expect cloud to help reduce costs