Key Findings

The survey ran online for two weeks during April 2021 and asked, among other things:

  1. How employees currently access IT service and support capabilities
  2. What percentage of employees actively use the self-service portal to access service and support
  3. Whether the IT self-service capability has been extended to other business functions.

A total of 222 responses were captured, with 18% of respondents being executive managers, 33% at middle management level, and 35% being IT staff. The majority of respondents (38%) came from the IT sector, with the remaining 62% representing a wide range of other industries.

Here are some of the key findings:

  1. The IT Service Management solution most used by responders was Service Now (13%). followed by Jira Service Desk (10%), BMC (7%) and Manage Engine (7%).
  2. Email was by far the most commonly used platform used by employees to access IT service and support capabilities (85%), followed by phone (71%), while only about half of respondents (53%) use a self- service portal.  Others use a mobile app (27%), chat (24%), tools such as Slack or Teams (23%), walk-up (22%) and chatbot (9%).
  3. A third of companies surveyed (33%) said they had a high adoption rate of their self-service portal, ie an adoption rate greater than 75%. 29% of respondents reported medium adoption, ie an adoption rate of between 50% and 75%.
  4. Asked to rate the success of their self-service portal from an ROI perspective, 31% of respondents reported marginal success, while 21% said full ROI was achieved.
  5. Alternative IT self-service capabilities under consideration by respondents to the survey included an updated/new portal (33%), chatbots (21%), email autoresponder (18%), tools such as Slack or Teams (15%) and voice (10%).
  6. Nearly half (46%) of the survey’s respondents said that IT self-service capabilities had been extended to other business functions.
  7. These were listed as Customer Service (33%), Procurement (18%), HR (15%), Finance (10%), Facilities (8%) and Legal (5%).