Please specify your role in the organisation
How many people does your company employ?
How many people report to you?
In which industry does your company operate?
1. What best describes your position in the company?
2. How many customers do you interact with on a monthly basis?
3. Given today's current climate, how do you rate the importance of Customer Experience for an organisation:
4. Do you see CX as a valuable tool to:
5. Do you believe that an elevated CX experience is crucial to:
6. In relation to marketing, commerce, sales and customer service, do you see the CX function as:
7. Does your organisation have clearly defined customer journey systems, designed to deliver an effective, memorable customer experience?
8.Is your CX system installed on-premises (your own servers) or do you use a cloud-based system?
9. Who is in charge of CX within your organisation?
10. Currently, how would you rate your organisation’s ability to deliver a customer experience:
11. An Intelligent Enterprise is described as one that applies advanced technologies and best practices in order to make it resilient, successful and sustainable. As far as being an intelligent enterprise goes, would you consider your organisation:
12. To build customer trust, it is as important to build and maintain conversations with them in person, as well as online and from places they are most comfortable. Do you:
13. Would you say that the challenges of COVID-19 highlighted:
14. Did your organisation implement CX strategies based on the COVID-related lockdown restrictions?
15. Is the information you learned from those strategies:
16. Has COVID-19 encouraged adjustments in the frequency for which your customer, experiential and operational data is reviewed for changes to operational practices?
17. How often do you think experiential and operational data should be reviewed for changes to operational practices?
18. To deliver effective customer experience, senior IT leadership should be involved in the development of the CX journey. How true is this within your organisation?
19. If you answered B in the previous question, does this department:
20. If your organisation currently employs CX initiative/s, would you describe them as:
21. What do you think forward-thinking companies need to consider in order to adjust to the next-normal in 2021 and beyond?