Key Findings

The results of the 2019 ITWeb/Axiz Wireless Networking Survey are out. It ran for 14 days on ITWeb Online during February and was completed by close to 100 respondents.

Almost 70% of those are decision makers – 29% are C-level executive, while a further 40% are at mid- management level. 24% identified themselves as WiFi solution resellers or service providers, while close to 70% are business users of WiFi connectivity.

Below are some key findings:

1. It emerged from the survey that no one believes they have sufficient WiFi coverage in their workplace.

2. Not a single respondent was completely satisfied with their current wireless network; the majority (47%) gave it a 3 out of 5 rating.

3. A third of respondents (32%) report that over 250 devices regularly connect to their corporate WiFi network.

4. A vast majority (83%) understand digital transformation as ‘applying latest technologies to transform business models/disrupt markets.

5. When it comes to the impact of digital transformation, 40% expect it to completely transform their business model and / or market; one third believe it will greatly improve business processes, while only 5% said it will have no significant impact.

6. As for plans to adopt cloud WiFi, 29% of respondents are likely to consider it within the next 12 months and 19% may consider it within 24 months. 22% have already made plans to implement, while 13% are busy with an implementation.

7. An overwhelming majority (81%) said an integrated security solution for their wireless network is ‘extremely’ important. Only 6% said they are not sure.