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1. What are your primary drivers for migrating to public cloud? (Select all that apply)
2. Are you in full control of public cloud usage in your organisation?
3. Who do you see driving the demand for public cloud? (Select all that apply)
4. By when do you expect to have completed execution of your cloud strategy?
5. What’s your public cloud migration approach for your business applications?
6. Do you have a single team focusing on implementing your migration to public cloud?
7. What percentage of your workloads do you estimate are running in the public cloud today?
8. Public cloud migrations are typically more complex than originally perceived. How have you found migrations to public cloud?
9. Cloud is a transformational IT model, requiring transformation within your organisation for both IT and business. How easy have you found this transformation?
10. Cloud requires different skillsets over legacy IT. How easy have you found it to develop and/or acquire those skills?
11. Cloud may be consumed in various forms. What do you see your IT strategy requiring?
12. Public cloud promises robust SLAs. Do you believe it delivers on your requirements easily?
13. Public cloud presents new challenges for information security and privacy. Do you have approved policies and business approval for consuming public cloud?
14. A 'cloud-first' strategy presents its own challenges. Which of these have been relevant to yours? (Select all that apply)