Key Findings

1. According to the survey the key business driver for adopting NaaS is to reduce IT infrastructure spend on upgrading equipment (26%). To reduce in-house service costs came in second at 11%.

2. The results were pretty much evenly split when respondents were asked what benefits they expect from NaaS with ease of management, increased network availability each at 58%.

3. Performance gains in network infrastructure also scored high as a NaaS benefit at 49%.

4. An overwhelming majority of respondents (90%) indicated they do have their own IT infrastructure on their premises.

5. A combined 62% of respondents cited they have experienced downtime recently. 83% reported they were able to fix the problem timeously.

6. It emerged that over half of respondents (54%) do have a seamless failover strategy in place.

7. When asked whether their organisations are using a networking service company to manage their network, 63% said no they are not.