Key Findings

ITWeb, in partnership with Nashua, conducted an LTE Survey to examine what South African organisations look for in new-generation LTE.

The survey ran online for two weeks during August 2020 and asked, among other things:

  1. What expectations do businesses have from a fixed LTE solution?
  2. Which type of features are a must-have?
  3. Is the ability to split business and personal LTE use an important consideration?

A total of 170 responses were captured, with 64% of respondents being at executive or middle management level, and working in a range of industries.

Here are some of the key findings:

  1. Almost half (47%) use an LTE solution for both business and personal purposes.
    Nearly a quarter (24%) currently don’t use an LTE solution.
  2. Guaranteed speed and availability are cited by 87% of respondents as the primary expectation of an LTE solution.
  3. When asked to rate the importance of business LTE solution capabilities, respondents indicated that QOS (quality of service) to prioritise business-critical applications was the top consideration. This was closely followed by the ability to segment voice traffic.
  4. When it comes to VOIP, great voice quality and reduced call rates were rated as the most important features in a business LTE solution.
  5. WiFi hotspot capabilities, ticket logging and an integrated payment platform emerged as must-have features.
    More than half (52%) of respondents indicated they’d be “very interested” if there was an option to split business and personal use on the same LTE device.  A further 40% said they were “somewhat interested”.