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In which industry does your company operate?
1. Did your customer service operations have a Business Continuity Plan in place before the crisis?
2. What are the biggest challenges your customer service team has faced through the crisis? Tick up to 5.
3. What effect did the crisis have on agent productivity and the mental health of agents in Customer Service?
4. Have your service levels returned to where they were before the crisis?
5. How have your service levels changed since the crisis on support channels like Phone/Live-chat/Email?
6. Which of the following tools, if any, are the most important in terms of helping you maintain service levels through the crisis? Tick up to 5.
7. Which of the following, if any, are the most important priorities for your customer service operations? Tick up to 5.
8. How did your team operate before the crisis?
9. Has your customer service staff increased or decreased compared to February 2020?
10.By what point do you expect staffing to recover to February 2020 levels (before the crisis)?
11. How has customer urgency changed since February 2020?
12. What support channels do you expect to evolve by June 2021 when compared to June 2020 levels? (Tick all applicable)