Key Findings
Below are some key findings:

69% of those are decision makers – 20% are C-level executive, while a further 49% are at mid- management level.

1. Close to 60% of the respondents said they store their data via a hybrid solution, i.e. using both in-house and cloud storage; 12% use cloud and 29% store their data on-premises.

Software as a service – 65%, Private/ internal cloud – 63%; Storage as a service 57%; IaaS – 56%; Paas – 52%.

2. When it comes to the most popular storage technology being used, just over a third of respondents (36%) chose hybrid storage configurations; hard drives came second at 29% and flash-based solid state drives third at 14%.

3. It emerged from the survey that 38% of respondents have already deployed a hybrid storage solution, while 21% said they are planning to do so.

4. The main reasons for considering a hybrid storage solution are: better disaster recovery prospect – 34%, improved scalability – 31%; lower costs – 17%.

5. An overwhelming majority (87%) reported they are confident in their ability to recover data in the event of data loss.

6. About a third of respondents (31%) said they had experienced a storage outage over the past 12 months; only 12% said the outage impacted the business.

7. The top three most important considerations for respondents when choosing a storage vendor are performance (83%), reliability (80%) and cost (77%).