How many people does your company employ?
In which industry does your company operate?
1. Does your organisation have remote work locations such as branches, field stations, stores or franchises, temporary worksites, or service vehicles?
1a. Tick all that apply
1b. How many?
2. Do all the organisation’s employees work on-premises or some work remotely (On-premises/hybrid working)?
3. What infrastructure does your company have in place? (Tick all that apply)
4. Do your users connect to corporate apps and data remotely?
5. What are the top productivity challenges your organisation faces?
6. Do you face issues with network availability while accessing corporate data and applications?
7. Does your company uses a single-sign-on to access corporate data and applications?
8. Do you have the same level of user experience when working remotely and in the office?
9. Are you able to analyse user behaviour to protect your assets?
10. Are you facing VPN (VDI) capacity or bandwidth limitations?
11. Would you say that the current infrastructure, security and network management is too complicated?
12. Does your company/organisation currently use a software-defined network?
13. Do you use any cloud services in your infrastructure?
Would you like to attend and SD-WAN related event with industry leading speakers?