Key Findings

ITWeb, in partnership with Citrix, conducted an online survey on the current status of South African organisations’ software-defined wide area networks (SDWANs) in the context of the digital workspace.

The survey sought to uncover the top challenges faced when connecting to the network and evaluated the level of user experience when working remotely and in the office.

A total of 255 responses were captured, with 45% of respondents coming from the IT sector, 11% from the financial sector, and the rest from a wide range of other public and private sector organisations operating mostly in SA.

Here are some of the key findings:

  1. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the survey’s respondents said their organisation had remote work locations such as branches, field stations, stores or franchises, temporary worksites or service vehicles.
  2. This breaks down as follows: 85% of respondents said they had branches; 28% had temporary worksites; 26% had service vehicles; 22% had field stations; and 17% had stores or franchises.
  3. Almost half (44%) had fewer than 10 remote work locations, while a quarter (22%) had between 11 and 50 remote work locations. 7% of respondents had over 1 000 remote work locations and 4% had over 5 000.
  4. Almost all (92%) of the survey’s respondents had a hybrid working environment, with some employees working remotely and others based on-premise.
  5. Asked to list the infrastructure that their company had in place, 66% said on-premise, 59% said cloud, 47% said hybrid cloud and 24% said multi-cloud.
  6. 84% of respondents said that users were able to connect to corporate applications and data remotely.
  7. Respondents were closely divided over whether they faced issues with network availability while accessing corporate data and applications, with 44% saying they had issues and 52% saying they didn’t experience any issues.
  8. A fairly high percentage (61%) said they used a single sign on to access corporate data and applications.
  9. 58% of respondents had the same level of user experience when working remotely versus working in the office.
  10. 56% of respondents said they were able to analyze user behaviour to protect their assets.
  11. 57% of respondents said they weren’t experiencing VPN (VDI) capacity or bandwidth limitations – a third of respondents (32%) said that they were struggling with this.
  12. A quarter of respondents (23%) said that the current infrastructure, security and network management was too complicated. 65% said that this was not the case.
  13. Half (51%) of respondents said that their company/organisation was currently using a software-defined network.
  14. 84% of them used cloud services in their infrastructure.