Please specify your role in the organisation
How many people does your company employ?
How many people report to you?
In which industry does your company operate?
1. Has your organisation experienced a significant shift in focus regarding your data management priorities owed to COVID-19?
2. How quickly did your organisation adapt to a secure ‘work from home’ environment?
3. Do you have plans to use legacy data to generate new revenue income streams?
4. How likely are you to invest in Cloud Data Security solutions in the next 12 months?
5. What is your cloud strategy?
6. What is the main obstacle your organisation faces in trying to achieve a complete cloud solution?
7. How ready is your organisation to migrate to the public cloud?
7.a Are you moving your workloads straight into PaaS as opposed to migrating to IaaS and later PaaS
8. Please indicate your organisation's usage of or plans for each of the following cloud-based data protection services:
9. What would be / has been the primary reasons for adopting a cloud offering for your organisation? (choose 3)
10. What are your biggest concerns in providing offsite business continuity? (choose 3)
11. What would be the primary considerations when designing your DR strategy? (choose 3)
12. List the top 3 priorities for your organisation
13. If your current backup infrastructure cannot protect and deliver as promised, what is the main reason?
14. Do you believe in buying best in class point solutions / bundled offerings from hardware vendors?
15. What is your organisation’s preference with regards to new projects?
16. Would you like a Veeam representative to contact you to discuss your backup SLAs and your local and public cloud strategies?