Key Findings

Below are some key findings:

Sixty-one percent of these are decision-makers: 24% are C-level executives and a further 25% are at mid-management level. 34% are from business user organisations / corporates, while 39% work for managed service provider and systems integrator companies. The remaining 27% work for ICT vendors, distributors or resellers.

1. When it comes to respondents’ approach to enterprise-level hardware infrastructure, 42% said they opted for a hybrid solution; about a third (35%) stated they owned their hardware; 17% said it’s all in the cloud while only 6% opted for a leasing solution.

2. The top three most important factors for respondents when selecting a hardware infrastructure brand were price (64%); after-sales support (55%); and the end-to-end offering of the vendor (49%).

3. It emerged from the survey that 41% of respondents cited productivity loss as having the biggest impact on their organisation. Reputation came in second at 28%, followed by sales losses/bottom line impact at 20%.

4. Asked about the biggest security concern with regards to their hardware infrastructure, a third of respondents cited loss of data due to hacking or ransomware. Almost 1 in 4 (24%) are concerned about potential theft/loss of client devices, while one in five (20%) worry about a lack of device security policies.

5. Most respondents (45%) reported they had a single view of their entire infrastructure. However, the combined percentage of those who have a siloed view (27%), do manual checks (16%) or are unsure, is high.

6. The survey found that most companies (43%) rip and replace their hardware only when needed, while 32% said they did so every two to five years.

7. Close to 60% of respondents said they upgraded their storage capacity most often.