Key Findings

1. According to the survey the results were pretty much evenly split when the respondents were asked which department is taking overall responsibility for complying with the POPI Act with 21% stating their IT department and 21% citing a member of their board.

2. Only 10% of respondents indicated that their organisation has a dedicated POPI team.

3. It emerged from the survey that a combined percentage of 66% have a good understanding of the POPI Act, however 28% indicated they only understand the basics.

4. Over half of the respondents (62%) have placed a high priority on POPI within their organisation.

5. Only 11% of respondents said their organisation is going to be ready to meet the POPI Act requirements.

6. An overwhelming majority of respondents (77%) believe that their organisation will suffer reputational damage if fined for non-compliance.

7. 65% of respondents said their organisation do have an internal data security policy in place, with a small percentage (3%) stating they have no plans to create one.