Please specify your role in the organisation
How many people does your company employ?
How many people report to you?
In which industry does your company operate?
1. How is your organisation primarily structured?
2. Thinking about your organisation’s understanding of AI, which of the following statements apply?
3. Please indicate your personal current understanding of AI
4. What best describes how your company is currently using AI in customer service? (e.g., customer-facing chatbots, AI-driven voice interactions, AI assisting human agents to resolve problems, etc.
5. Which functional area of your organisation is currently deriving revenue from AI capabilities?
6. By the year 2025, how much of a workforce reduction would AI cause to your organisation?
7. How would you rate your organisation’s current experience in terms of its implementation and use of AI technologies?
8. What is / would be the driving force behind your organisation’s deployment of AI?
9. Which of the following business outcomes would you expect to derive from the investment in AI capabilities?
10. How do you expect AI will affect the workforce in the next five years? (Select all applicable
11. What do you see as the biggest areas of potential for AI to revolutionise your business?
12. What do you see as the biggest barriers to achieving AI realisation across your organisation?
13. How challenging are each of the following organisational items in executing an AI strategy?
14. Who is championing the development of the current AI strategy at your organisation?
15. Do you expect your organisation to employ a Chief AI Officer in the future?
16. Does your organisation have the necessary skills to effectively use AI technologies to drive business outcomes?