1. Please specify your role in the organisation
3. How many people does your company employ?
4. How many people report to you?
5. In which industry does your company operate?
1. How many of your applications have you moved to the cloud?
2. Are your business critical applications in the cloud?
2.1 No
3. Do you have cloud or WAN applications on another continent?
4. Which cloud Iaas or SaaS have you adopted or plan to adopt in the near future?
5. Why did you move applications to the cloud?
6. Do you have application users or branches outside of South Africa?
7. If you have adopted a cloud strategy overseas , what is the main reason why?
8. Please rate your overall global cloud application performance
9. Indicate specific issues related to global cloud application performance
10. If there was a solution that could make your global cloud applications perform at LAN speeds…
11. Do your users find that cloud-based applications improve their productivity?
12. How do you measure the performance of your cloud applications?
13. Do you meet your SLAs for cloud access, availability and performance?
14. How do you measure the performance of your end users?
15. Which cloud service provider are you using
16. Have you adopted a dual ISP Internet service provider (ISP) strategy to cloud applications?
17. Will your business be severly impacted if your Internet failed?
18. What is your connectivity type/method to cloud?