Key Findings

1. According to the survey just under half (43%) of respondents said they have moved less than 10% of their applications to the cloud.

2. A small percentage (3%) cited they have moved all their applications to the cloud.

3. Of those applications moved to the cloud, 61% of respondents stated they do not have business critical applications in the cloud.

4. When asked why applications were moved to the cloud, lower operating costs emerged as the main reason, followed by better availability (24%).

5. Half of the respondents (50%) said that their organisation does have application users or branches outside of South Africa (Africa).

6. Erratic performance emerged as the main specific issue related to global cloud application performance (28%), application timeouts and poor user experience came second at 17%.

7. The majority of respondents (68%) said they would be open to learning more about the network and technology with regards to a solution for their global cloud applications at LAN speeds.