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How many people does your company employ?
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In which industry does your company operate?
1. What is the current status of your organisation's data centre?
2. Do you plan to change your vendor of choice for any of the following elements over the next 12 months? (Please tick all that apply)
3. In the next 12 months, do you expect your data centre spending to:
4. What is driving the growth of your data centre capacity?
5. How often do you review your data centre strategy?
6. If your company is planning to modernise its data centre, which of these options do you plan to choose?
7. How critical is it for you to have enhanced application performance with close to zero downtime?
8. Do you have a strategy to move to the cloud or prefer to have an on-premise data centre?
9. Do you have any plans to review or replace data centre network cabling to meet growing business needs?
10. What type of fiber optic cabling systems do you mostly use within your data centre infrastructure?