Key Findings

The survey ran online for three weeks during November 2020 and asked, among other things:

  1. What is your planned data centre investment over the next 12 months?
  2. What is driving growth in data centre capacity?
  3. How often are data centre strategies reviewed?

A total of 110 responses were captured, with 59% of respondents being at executive or middle management level, working in a range of industries, with 66% of respondents coming from the IT, government and financial sectors.

  1. 36% of respondents have an in-house data centre, while 32% use a combination of in-house and co-located data centres. 11% use a co-location facility for their data centre requirements. The remainder (22%) use cloud services.
  2. Nearly half (47%) of respondents plan to change their storage vendors over the next 12 months, while 36% are looking at changing their virtualisation software and server vendors. 35% are considering changing their security vendors and a third (32%) may change networking suppliers.
  3. Data centre investment is expected to increase over the next 12 months by 64% of respondents, while 18% expect it to remain flat and 17% expect it to decrease.
  4. Growth in data centre capacity is being driven by a myriad of things, with a combination of data volumes and number of applications heading the list (38%) followed closely by just data volumes (37%) and just number of applications (16%).
  5. 36% of respondents review their data centre strategy more than once a year, and a third (32%) review it annually. 8% review it less than once a year. A quarter (24%) weren’t sure how often their data centre strategy was reviewed.
  6. Data centre modernisation plans overwhelmingly included migration to the cloud (59%), with colocation and managed services (29%) and consolidation (12%) also featuring in companies’ plans.
  7. Asked to rate how critical it is for them to have enhanced application performance with close to zero downtime, 89% of respondents said it was extremely important, with 11% saying it was somewhat important. Clearly this is a top priority for companies.
  8. Three quarters of respondents (76%) say they have a strategy to move to the cloud but, interestingly, 24% have no plans to migrate to the cloud.