Please specify your role in the organisation
How many people does your company employ?
How many people report to you?
In which industry does your company operate?
1. What is your level of responsibility when it comes to decision-making at your company?
2. Does your company have an in-house or outsourced/contact-centre-as-a-service customer service/contact centre?
3. If applicable, how many employees work for your company’s (in-house or outsourced/contact-centre-as-a-service) customer service/contact centre?
4. Which of the following channels are available to your customers to contact your company? (tick all that apply)
5. Does your company currently record customer conversations and/or interactions?
6. Is your company currently using speech or multi-channel interaction analytics technology to monitor your customer interactions?
7. Which call centre KPIs matter most to your senior stakeholders? (tick 3 most important)
8. Please rate how you or your company perceive the following statements
9. Please select the most relevant of the following statements (choose one)
10. Do you or your company see a need to identify & score emotional attributes of your customer / employee interactions?
11. Do customer satisfaction scoring or emotion metrics get shared with your executives? (select the most relevant)
12. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses, employees, customers. Please rate how you or your company perceive the following statements:
13. How challenging does your company find the following to improve customer experience today?
14. What is preventing you from overcoming this challenge? (tick all that apply)
15. Is there a particular emotional attribute that you or your company would like associated with your brand experience?
16. Which emotional attribute, when displayed by your company’s employees, do you think has the biggest impact on changing customer emotions from negative to positive during an interaction?