Key Findings

ITWeb's first ever contact centre survey was conducted during September / October 2020.

It aims to find out how local businesses prefer to interact with customers – do they choose to operate their own contact centre, or do they rather outsource this function to a third-party contact centre services provider?

The survey sought participation from decision makers across major industry sectors, whether they already operate a contact centre or plan to establish one in the future, either on-prem or using a hosted solution.

Here are some of the key findings:

  1. 71% of the respondents said that their company operate its own contact centre, while 22%  outsourced it to a professional third-party contact centre services provider.  

  2. Of those who have their own contact centre, 88% run it with equipment located in-house, on the premises.

  3. When it comes to the preferred payment model, in 31% of the cases it’s based on seat / agent licences only; 11% is usage based, while 58% said it’s a combination of the two models.

  4. In terms of agent location, 70% have it centralised, while 30% run a distributed contact centre.

  5. Just over a half (56%) of the respondents say they operate an omnichannel contact centre.

  6. 34% plan to move from an on-premises to a hosted contact centre.

  7. For the overwhelming majority (81%), the cost of the solution is the most important factor when considering a hosted contact centre service provider; other top considerations are the range of available functionality (72%) and integration of the solution into third-party apps (65%).