Key Findings

1. It's not surprising that only 8% of respondents cited that their organisation has no interest in moving applications to the cloud.

2. Web applications emerged as the main application organisation will be moving to the cloud (27%), test/development came in second at 13% and big data/analysis third at 9%.

3. When asked whether this is a defined data protection strategy in place 63% said yes (on-premise)

4. A third of respondents (34%) indicated that they expect data growth of between 11-20% over the next 12 months.

5. According to the survey 24% of respondents said they do have a clear archiving strategy that is clearly defined but not yet implemented.

6. It emerged that ‘information governance’ ranked as the top Veritas solution that respondents are interested in (44%), business continuity came in second at 41% and SaaS third at 32%