Key Findings

The results of the 2019 ITWeb/Obsidian Smart Teamwork Survey are out. It ran for three weeks on ITWeb during May and was completed by 139 respondents.

69% of those are decision makers – 15% are C-level executive, while a further 54% are at mid- management level.

Below are some key findings:

1. When asked to specify the nature of their teams, over a third (35%) of respondents chose ‘technology stack’, and the majority of those (57%) deal with software. A further 32% of the sample said their teams are ‘line of business’.

2. Over a half (52%) of respondents rated their ability to facilitate cross-functional team collaboration as high (7 and above on a scale of 1- 10), while only a combined percentage of 9% rated it as low (under 3).

3. The three biggest challenges that teams are facing are: speed of change - 56%, user adoption - 52%; information overload - 46%.

4. The majority (56%) of respondents indicated that enabling teamwork visibility is more important to them than allowing autonomy (44%).

5. When it comes to the three key elements needed to be more collaborative, 66% chose user adoption, strategic fit came second at 61% and customisation third at 59%.

6. 64% of respondents are currently using software tools to manage their teams.

7. Of those who are not, the majority remains unconvinced or unsure. Only 24% said they’d consider adopting a software tool to manage their teams.

8. The reasons for not having adopted any software tools are threefold: budget constraints (33%), lack of management buy-in (31%) and uncertainty about ROI (33%).