Please specify your role in the organisation
How many people does your company employ?
How many people report to you?
In which industry does your company operate?
1. How well prepared is your organisation for POPIA compliance?
2. To what extent do you agree with the following statements:
3. What are your concerns regarding data management aligned to POPIA? (Tick all that apply)
4. Which department in your organisation has overall responsibility for complying with the POPIA?
5. Is your organisation embracing the POPI regulations in order to build customer trust?
6. Is your organisation going to be ready to fully meet the POPIA requirements on 1 July?
7. Does your organisation have the following in place when it comes to POPIA compliance? (Tick all that apply)
8. Digitising your business will help you easily comply with POPIA regulations. What is the digital maturity of your organisation?
9. Regarding any Information Governance measures that have not yet been implemented in your organisation, what are the main reasons for not implementing them? (Tick all applicable)
10. Which of the below does your organisation use as part of its records management/data protection policy? (Tick all that apply)
11. Please rate how you or your company perceive the following statement: We have a policy/process in place to safely and securely destroy physical records, data and devices at the end of its lifecycle in order to reduce e-waste and comply with POPIA.