Key Findings

1. The results were pretty much evenly split when respondents were asked whether they have ever performed a skills gap analysis on their ICT employees with 48% saying yes and 52% stating no.

2. Over half of the respondents (56%) stated they would be interested in participating in a free skills gap analysis on their ICT employees.

3. 19% of respondents chose information security and web development as the skills that they have been unable to fill in the last 12 months.

4. Software development skills (20%) emerged as the skill thought to be most needed in the next 12 months, cloud came in second at 18% as well as information security.

5. An overwhelming majority (77%) of respondents said that the need for upskilling employees is increasing.

6. When asked if their company provides a career path and career guidance for current ICT employees, 65% said yes, they do.