Please specify your role in the organisation
How many people does your company employ?
How many people report to you?
In which industry does your company operate?
1. Please rank your top 5 cyber security challenges you need to solve. (Where 5 is high and 1 is low)
2. Does your organisation have a complex, hybrid network infrastructure that comprises any of the following? (Select applicable)
3. Does your organisation need to comply with any of the following standards/regulation frameworks? (Select all applicable)
4. Do you have adequate auditing and reporting mechanisms in place to meet compliance requirements?
5. Does your organisation have a way to maintain an accurate inventory of your assets across the network on a continuous basis?
6. Do you have enough data to analyse and measure your risk exposure adequately?
7. Do you believe your organisation has a mature change management process, that enables you to validate rule changes and potential vulnerability exposure before rules are implemented?
8. Do you have effective tools in place that enable proactive rule life cycle management and automated re-certification of your rule sets?
9. Do you run daily or weekly security configuration checks among your network infrastructure devices to make sure they are hardened and follow the vendor security best practices?
10. Do you have a single view of all your assets, vulnerability and security weakness and various network infrastructure (on-prem/cloud)?
11. Do you have a way to maintain visibility of risks and compliance as you transition services to a cloud based infrastructure?
12. Are you inundated with vulnerability data and struggling to prioritise?
13. Do you leverage EDR (endpoint, detect and respond) technologies?
14. Do you have a cyber investment programme running or planned?
15. Do you want a single pane view of your IT and OT attack surface?