Key Findings

1. The top cyber security challenge businesses need to solve is to be able to detect and respond effectively to incidents given the evolving threat landscape.

2. When it comes to their network infrastructure, 59% of respondents use hyperscale public clouds; 55% use SaaS applications; and 48% use private cloud.

3. While 71% say they need to comply with POPIA/GDPR regulations, 55% believe they have adequate auditing and reporting mechanisms in place to meet compliance requirements.

4. Just over a half of respondents say they have enough data to analyse and measure their risk exposure adequately – which means that nearly 50% don’t, or are unsure.

5. The majority of companies don’t have a single view of their assets, vulnerability and security weakness across on-perm and cloud infrastructure. 40% say they do.

6. 50% of respondents are confident that they have a way to maintain visibility of risks and compliance as they migrate to cloud.

7. 56% believe they have a mature change management process that enables them to validate rule changes and potential vulnerability exposure before rules are implemented.

8. More than half (55%) of the respondents run daily or weekly security configuration checks on their network infrastructure devices. 3335 don’t and 14% are unsure.

9. Just over a quarter (26%) report that they are inundated with vulnerability data and struggling to prioritise.

10. 42% of the participating organisations have a cyber investment programme, either already running or planned.